About Us


About the Angel Clothes Company:

Al Malak Garments Company was established in 2006 in Aleppo, Syria. And it worked on producing girls’ clothing only for perplexing and newborn babies. She was distinguished by her distinguished merchandise and the subtle models characterized by the spontaneous clothing attire of the girls’ clothing, with patterns and accessories that give the girl a vibrant and active look from her birth until she grew up.

As it has become a great resonance in the Arab market and has become a target for all traders. It achieved great success and the company’s website was moved to Turkey and still maintains its progress in the market, the diversity of its models and the wholesale sale of clothing dealers.


Al-Malak Garments Company provides its services in manufacturing elusive and baby girls’ garments manufactured with the most luxurious fabrics under expert hands with contemporary fashion and unique unique tastes. It offers you everything new in the world of girls, distinguished by their joyful colors, fun and bright colors for each child, and models close to the world of fashion. The owners of the garments always strive to satisfy everyone.