Find out with us how to know the good type of clothes and how to choose them

All mothers need to choose the appropriate and high quality of clothes for their children, especially girls, that these clothes with good fabrics bear the use and do not wear out quickly, especially with the current high prices in the market. Therefore, before you make the purchase, you need to take a few minutes to be able to check the piece that you will buy, because the price increase alone is not sufficient to indicate the quality of the piece. In this article, we will tell you the most important steps to follow.

How do we know the excellent quality and quality of clothing

The fabric of the clothing must be checked:

When you do the examination process for the fabric, you will need to know the quality of the fabric, if it is of good quality, as the examination process is done on all sides of the piece, such as the shoulders and the plot in particular. Its prices are fairly medium and it is characterized by the length of its fibers, which makes it a strong and durable fabric. Linen is also one of the other types of fabrics made from natural fibers, but it does not have the flexibility of cotton, as it fits a lot in the summer, but it is very wrinkled and its fibers are subject to damage quickly.

Fabric Texture Quality:

The texture of the fabric always depends on the quality and quality of the fabric and what it contains of the fibers that make it have a smooth and distinctive texture also so it differs from the rest of the types although it is of the same quality but the content is different, when you buy the piece nationally fold the piece and reveal the fabric if it is soft, smooth, soft Be careful, rough, heavy. Make sure to choose the right fabric for your child, especially if your child suffers from allergies, and avoid choosing the kind of thin fabric.

The Lining: 

The piece should be folded when you buy it. If you notice that the fold has left a trail, preferably when you buy it and leave it, some people prefer to take fabrics that do not wrinkle easily and because most of us prefer clothes that do not need ironing.

Zipper pockets buttons:

Ensure the quality of the piece that contains a zipper by opening and closing it several times to ensure ease of movement and quality in sewing. As for the buttons, it must be taken into account that they are well fixed and have been sewn properly. Mucus well.

What are the steps to take when choosing your girls clothes?

  • When making the purchase, focus on natural textiles, not synthetic fabrics, because they need more attention and are prone to tearing easier and fade.
  • Consider choosing clothes with extra buttons.
  • Choose clothes with a zipper made of metal, because the type made of plastic is poor quality and quickly damaged.
  • You should pay attention to the method of sewing as well sewn as it indicates the quality and durability of the piece of clothing.
  • Buy the quality of fabric to suit you.
  • Examine the button holes well and choose which are industry-friendly and well-installed buttons.
  • Make sure that the thread used for knitting is of an excellent quality.

Always when you are buying clothes, you should be more concerned with quality than quantity and price, because luxury quality clothes keep you longer and remain stylish. Al-Malak clothing is one of the clothes made of premium fabrics and the distinctive cotton with its soft and favorite texture of the girls.

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