What is the apparel trade and who are the distinguished traders in the wholesale trade

The apparel trade is one of the successful trades in the commercial market because it depends on the fundamentals of life and people will not stop buying clothes, no matter how high the prices here. Some merchants sell in bulk and wholesale has several advantages. In this article we will mention what they are.


The wholesale distributor is the one who sells products to retail stores and sells his products in large quantities to retailers, as it allows the retailer to benefit from a lower price where individual commodities are purchased, the wholesaler buys goods from manufacturers or from a distributor in both cases he can get large quantities Of goods at low prices. Wholesaler rarely engages in manufacturing of a product and focuses only on distribution more. A wholesaler specializes in a specific product or category of products. Al Malak Garment Company specializes in the wholesale sale of girls’, baby, and puzzling clothing.

What steps should be followed to find the best wholesale suppliers:

  • Searching and finding wholesale suppliers through a good reputation for them and their products, and you can check online or through the websites.
  • Contact all suppliers by e-mail or phone.
  • Make a list of your favorite suppliers through the good reputation in the products and the quality they provide.
  • Ensure that the first contact is as productive as possible and the person can understand what you want from the first contact in order not to encounter a problem in the future.
  • To order from each supplier in bulk samples of his products, you must order a certain quantity and check its quality on your own.
  • Bargain for better prices.

Pros of buying wholesale

  • Most of the products you buy are cheaper through the wholesaler. So you can boost your profit margins and run your business even further.
  • Your purchase of products from a wholesaler reduces you because it is how much they bought how many manufacturers know the quality of these products and are often successful when selling them to the consumer.
  • The wholesale process controls the whole process, from shipping shipments to product reviews, before shipping to delivery.

The owners of wholesale in the market are distinguished by the credibility at work and the quality in their products and the frequent demand of merchants for their goods as it is considered one of the owners of the owners company for girls ’clothing that offers you the best products and contemporary models for the generation, especially girls and they have measurements from birth age to perplexing age at good prices and excellent service and credibility in Good deal and reputation.

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